Critical Mass Solar offers exemplary solar panels and inverters are of superior quality, highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and come at a great value. Additionally, these solar products also offer fantastic warranty benefits up to 25 years for our customers throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Many solar companies approach a job as an out-of-the-box type of engagement. Alternatively, at Critical Mass Solar we design and customize your solar panel array that meets your unique specifications and needs. Using special solar planning software, we’re able to help you visualize what your solar arrays will look like on your house before we get started.

Residential Solar Panel Illustration

Solar Panels

We offer some of the best quality solar panels in the industry from electronics leader LG. Most importantly, LG’s NeON® 2 line offers high efficiency panels with aesthetically pleasing black cells that look great on all roofs. These high-end solar panels come with a great 25-year manufacturer warranty.

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LG Neon Solar Panels

Solar Panel Inverters

Enphase micro inverters are the right choice with a 25-year warranty. They come with leading edge technology that allows for remote trouble shooting. Additionally, they also provide Critical Mass Solar and the home owner the ability to monitor the system 24/7. This is possible when the system is connected to WiFi through desktop and smartphone applications.

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Enphase Solar Panel Power Inverters

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